Say goodbye to unwanted noise and tangling wires with noise cancelling wireless earbuds !

Have you heard about noise cancelling wireless earbuds?

What do they mean?

Some years ago, we did not have them.

These were not a thing in the yesteryears. Technology has grown so far, and it continues to grow. Every day, we find a new feature in the gadgets we use. While normal, passive headphones were the only thing that we plugged into our Walkman or MP3 player, these days, we hear all sorts of gadgets with many features.

Now we have earbuds!

This is not the earbud that we use to clean our ears. We are now talking about the technical earbuds that can do a lot of things. When earbuds launched, people were hyped about their look, features, and many technical benefits. Earbuds, too, kept evolving, and today we have something different.

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

We have noise canceling wireless earbuds. The main two features here are ‘noise canceling’ and ‘wireless.’ A wire tangling around you can be very irritating. So, having wireless earbuds to start with is a blessing. Another problem that we all have when using earbuds is the ambient noise. You cannot listen to your favorite podcast, song, or audiobook when you can hear the outside noise. Automatically your concentration will deviate, and you will get irritated by the noise. Ambient noise while listening through your earbuds has been a problem. But now we have noise canceling earbuds.

A little about the inception of earbuds- Prior to discussing noise cancelling wireless earbuds…

Headphones saw the light of the world in 1910. Yes, you heard it right. These were prototype headphones that a person called Nathaniel Baldwin invented because he wanted to hear the Sunday Service’s sermons clearly. Since then, headphones have been evolving into different shapes, sizes, features, technology, and many more!

Afterward, headphones became overly popular among the young generation because they gave them a sense of privacy. It helped them listen to the song or sermon as they wished. By using headphones, they were able to listen to whatever they were listening to without disturbing them. Since when you wear headphones, the sound does not come out, it was very convenient even to those around.

Headphones came with a wire that connects to the device you are using. Let us not forget that the initial headphones were quite heavy. In 1979, Sony came up with the first-ever portable headphones. It came with their Walkman. The invention was revolutionary. To be able to listen to music however and whenever you want was hype all over the world. It still is, just in a more advanced manner.

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

In 2001, MP3 players and iPods came to the world, and all of a sudden, everyone was wearing white-colored wired earphones! Headphones and earphones started coming in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to fit into the ongoing fashion trend.

In 2015, a Japanese company called Onkyo manufactured the first-ever wireless earphones! This is the birth of wireless earphones, and they have been evolving to what we see today in the market.

What are the best wireless noise-canceling earbuds?

Through the evolution of earbuds, we have seen a lot of improvement. You can now buy true wireless noise canceling earbuds to experience the maximum of what you are listening to. When noise-canceling earbuds saw the light of the world somewhere in 2018, it was a hyped situation everywhere. But today, as we speak, here are some of the best noise canceling wireless earbuds you can find in the market.

Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling wireless earbuds – No need to worry about tangled wires anymore! 

Bose’s QuietComfort is one of the best wireless noise cancelling earbuds you can buy in the market today. This might not be the most futuristic, tech-filled gadget. But if we are talking about canceling noise, nothing in the market can surpass it. These earbuds stand true to the fact of canceling ambient noise at its best. The name itself says that it is the best noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping. If you are sleeping in an environment with a lot of ambient noise, you have got to have Bose QuietComfort. It takes you to another world by silencing the ambient noise.

Apple Airpods Pro

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

Apple noise cancelling earbuds have noise-canceling techniques as much as the Bose earbuds. But if you compare Apple and Bose earbuds, Apple has a lot of futuristic features and tech upgrades. Apple Airpods have a kind of hearing test to fit the silicone tip in your ears best. Apple Airpods also has a brilliant transparency mode. They have an extremely easy iPhone pairing H1 chip installed. Apple Airpods support high-end immersive technologies such as Dolby Atmos. Having wireless earbuds can be a blessing, especially when you work out in the gym. To top it all, Apple Airpods are sweat-resistant, and that is an amazing feature that helps you when you exercise.

Sony WF-1000XM4

When did Sony release noise canceling wireless earbuds WF-1000xm4? These are the latest earbuds released in June 2021 by Sony. The previous generation of this, which is WH-1000XM3 that came two years ago, the latest earbuds have outstanding features. It is parallel to the Bose earbuds and has the highest noise-canceling technique. If you talk about the external look of these earbuds, they are relatively smaller. They have a rounder shape and come in a much smaller size compared to other earbuds. Even the case is about 40% smaller than the other earbuds. Sony added some new features such as water resistance and wireless charging. This is why it is making the headlines of earbuds news right now.

Master & Dynamic MW08

This is the successor of MW07, the previous generation of these earbuds. MW08 is about 15% smaller than the previous generation. Compared to its previous generation, MW08 has a more vibrant sound. It is great for listening to music because it has a punchy sound system built-in. These earbuds have various modes of transparency and let you toggle between many modes. Rather than acetate material, these earbuds come in a combination of stainless steel and ceramic. These are slightly over the normal price range and fall under the best noise-canceling true wireless earbuds category.

Jabra Elite 85t

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite 85t is the first product of the company that has true noise cancellation. It had a previous product, the 75t with active noise cancellation too. But the 85t is their newest release and is among the best earbuds. It is more affordable than most brands and does the job as well. However, it may not feature a lot of futuristic features, but it is way more affordable than most brands and has a true noise cancellation feature. And they are wireless! If this is your first time experiencing noise cancelling wireless earbuds, Jabra Elite 85t might be a good option.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the best noise cancelling wireless earbuds for Android. While you can pair the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with iOS, you can best enjoy its features when you pair it with Android. Samsung has always been on top of the tech game. They are always changing the level of technology with their innovative technology.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the best noise cancelling earbuds that they have to offer. The design of these earbuds is easy and more precise. It helps with the in-ear fitting to deliver excellent noise cancellation. Their rating in water resistance is significantly higher, making them one of the best earbuds for workouts. As always, Samsung comes up with something amazing. They have a feature called ‘Voice Detect,’ which detects your voice. The music or whatever you are listening to lowers down in volume when you start talking.

Are noise-canceling earbuds worth it?

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

This is something that people keep questioning. Is it worth the money? It depends on what you want. For those who like to use earbuds to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, noise cancelling earbuds can be an exceptionally good option. If you are talking about the budget you want to allocate, the best thing to do is research about the price ranges. Each range offers a different set of features. You can look into these features and find what suits you best. The best wireless noise cancelling earbuds are from brands such as Bose, Sony, Samsung, Beats, and Jabra. But you can find earbuds with noise cancellation features for a lower price than these brands.

Difference between noise cancellation headphones and earbuds

While there are many headphones that do a marvelous job, there are many features those earbuds can offer. Some of the main advantages of earbuds are they are portable, they are easy to wear, and they are much smaller in size. Most earbuds are fairly cheaper than headphones.

Best noise cancelling wireless earbuds under $100

Noise cancelling wireless earbuds are quite popular in the market now. Ambient noise is something that can interrupt what you are listening to. All wireless noise cancelling earbuds have the same technique. They create an anti-noise sound wave that interrupts the noise outside and neutralizes it. But the quality and percentage of noise cancelling depend on the brand you are going for. If this is your first time wearing out noise cancelling earbuds, you can opt for something under $100. Here are some of the best noise cancelling wireless earbuds under $100.

Sony WI-SP600N- One of the most popular noise cancelling wireless earbuds in the market

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

Sony comes to the rescue as always. They have different ranges of earbuds, and this model is something that is affordable. The design and technology of these earbuds are most suitable for workouts. It can reproduce audio sound quality by reducing the ambient noise effectively. It can cancel the outside audible frequency within a spectrum of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. These earbuds have the extra bass to deliver low-end sound that most earbuds fail to give. Sony manufactures excellent earbuds, and this model is something you can consider buying and is within a small budget.

Aukey EP-N5

Aukey might not be on the hot ten list when it comes to technology. But they make good true wireless earbuds that have the noise canceling technique. It comes in a handy resting case and has excellent active noise cancellation. These earbuds will actually surprise you when you use them. They do an excellent job for the price you pay. Of course, they can reproduce sound frequency spanning from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. They have very well-balanced low, mid, and high ranges, which delivers an impressive audio sound.

To achieve the best quality of sound and the highest level of noise cancellation, you must fit it correctly. Aukey EP-N5 comes in three different ear-tip sizes. You can use the pair that best fits in your ear canal. When selecting the ear-tip, you have to use the one that covers your ear canal completely.

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

If you charge it fully, you can use it for up to 4.5 hours with ambient noise cancellation ON. You can turn the noise canceling off and use it for up to 7 hours. A touch-sensitive technology on the outer sides of the earbuds helps you control calls and music accordingly.

Now X5

This model is an inexpensive yet excellent choice if you are looking for earbuds under $100. They are hybrid noise canceling earbuds that have active ambient noise cancellation. This hybrid technology has inward microphones to monitor the noise inside the ear canal. It also has outward microphones to monitor the noise outside. By doing so, these earbuds can constantly monitor and cancel noise. These earbuds also have a transparency mode. In this, you will be able to hear the outside traffic and environmental noise. If you are walking on the road, it might be good to keep the transparency mode ON.

Edifier TWS NB2

Edifier TWS NB2 is a powerful pair of earbuds you can find in the market. These affordable earbuds offer a deep, low-end sound balance and cancel the ambient noise. Their sound quality is very impressive, and they have active noise cancellation. They come in a variety of sizes of ear-tips. They also have two sizes of arc supporters, which helps all ear shapes. You need to remember that you need to fit in the earbuds properly to get the complete noise cancellation. The earbuds must cover your ear canal completely. With Edifier TWS NB2, you have different sizes, and you can choose the eat-tip and arc supporter that best fits your ears.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 – Another top-selling noise cancelling wireless earbuds in the market

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 is a pair of true wireless earbuds that have a fabulous noise canceling technique. While this may not be the best wireless noise canceling earbuds you can find, it does justice to the price. This is an excellent choice that you can buy for under $100, and it produces in-ear sound in full frequency. If you fit them in your ear canals properly, you can experience the product’s impressive features.

Once the earbuds are on a full charge, they last up to 6 hours with ambient noise cancellation. If you use the transparency mode, it can last up to 8 hours. The battery life of these earbuds is fairly better than the others in the market. It also has a touch-sensitive feature on the outer part. It helps you control music and manage calls easily.

What makes an impressive noise cancellation wireless earbud?

When we call a product “the best,” it is subjective. It depends on the criteria with which you measure it. However, when it comes to noise cancelling wireless earbuds, there are specific features that we can consider impressive. Here are some of the features of earbuds that make them easy to use.

noise cancelling wireless earbuds

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is one of the primary features that make earbuds a good product. But the level of noise cancellation in the earbuds can determine the quality of the earbuds. Go for earbuds that have higher noise cancellation frequencies because canceling lower frequencies is relatively easier.


True wireless earbuds are those that yield the lowest level of physical noise. Wireless earbuds that have a connection can also pick up external noise. Wired earbuds will cause the most external noise because the cable keeps rubbing and touching against everything. Even in wireless earbuds, the slightest vibration can pick up noise. Hence, we can say that truly wireless earbuds are an impressive feature to have.


Fitting is everything. If the headphones, earphones, or earbuds do not fit correctly, it can be extremely uncomfortable. If the earbuds do not cover the entire ear canal properly, you will be uncomfortable. Fitting and comfort are the two most important features in any good pair of earbuds. Earbuds that have different sizes of ear-tips are good because you can choose your size. You can choose the ear-tip of your size to ensure you are comfortable wearing it. If they do not fit properly, they can even cause headaches.

Frequency response

A good pair of earbuds will reproduce a sound spectrum between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. And they should be able to deliver this at the full audible spectrum with clarity. This is a feature that can determine the quality of earbuds.

Battery life

Active noise cancellation requires power more than transparency mode. When the battery is fully charged, we should consider the amount of time it will last with noise cancellation and without noise cancellation. A good battery in any product is a blessing.

noise cancelling wireless earbuds


Earbuds that come out in the consumer market should be able to pair with mobile devices. The sensitivity rating is also taken into consideration. This is unlike the earbuds made for the military or any other specific reason. Earbuds that regular consumers use should be able to connect to smart mobile devices.

Who can wear noise cancelling wireless earbuds?

In the literal sense, anyone who wants to wear earbuds can wear them. But that is not the issue. There are some who will require earbuds for a better experience. For instance, wearing a pair of noise cancelling wireless earbuds would be great if you are constantly working or living in a noisy environment. If your house or apartment is by the side of the main road or a railway, you can make good use of noise cancelling earbuds. It will help you zone out and listen to what you are listening to peacefully.

Another set of people who can make good use of wireless noise cancelling earbuds is travelers. If you are traveling in a train, vehicle, or airplane, you can use noise cancelling earbuds to cancel the ambient noise and enjoy a peaceful ride.

If you are a student who has a lot of audiobooks and online classes, a good pair of noise-canceling earbuds can take you a long way. It will help you cancel the noise outside and concentrate on your lessons easily.

Final thoughts: How can noise cancelling wireless earbuds help you?

Noise cancelling wireless earbuds are great for a log of people. They are portable, wireless, and cancel the additional ambient noise. It is a great evolution from traditional headphones and wired earphones. There are many brands in the market that manufacture true wireless noise cancelling earbuds in various price ranges. You can buy a pair that best fits you and your budget and enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep, music, lesson, sermon, or anything, literally!

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