Reasons behind spectrum 5G not showing up and the most effective ways to get rid of!

Why is my 5G WiFi not showing?- Spectrum 5G Not Showing Up

The most common issue that we have with a 5GHz connection is 5GHz WiFi not showing up on windows 10. Usually, the main reason for this is the router or hardware not being able to support the WiFi connection. If your WiFi connection is 5GHz, there are chances that your router may not be compatible. Even if some routers can support 5GHz connections, you might still need to manually set up 5GHz WiFi on your laptop or computer. If you have a corrupted or outdated network adapter, that can lead to spectrum 5G not showing up. 

Let us see other reasons why we can’t find a 5GHz network.

While the router and adapter compatibility can be the primary reason for 5GHz not to show up, there can be several other reasons.

Here are some of the effective spectrum WiFi troubleshooting methods you can use. 

– You can check if all your devices support a 5GHz WiFi connection

– You can check if your wireless network adapter is outdated

– Upgrade your preferred band to 5GHz with your internet provider

– You can upgrade your Network Adapter Driver

spectrum 5g not showing up

Most countries have different internet providers with varying plans of internet. What you decide to purchase for your home depends on many factors. The number of devices you plan to connect, the downloading speed, and the number of GBs required are some of the main things to consider when buying an internet connection for your house. You can decide the coverage that you need based on the size of your home.

The more common connection is 2.4GHz. For some reason, if something adds up to spectrum 2.4ghz not working, some internet plans allow you to switch to 5GHz with a click. While 5GHz is a less crowded place, 5G not showing up is a common issue. It could happen for a range of reasons. But there are ways to find out because spectrum 5G not showing up is not a rare issue. Here are some of the ways and remedies you can fix spectrum WiFi. 

How to fix spectrum WiFi quickly?

These are some of the sure remedies you can do at home. Once you try everything and if 5G WiFi not showing up is still a problem, then you can contact your internet provider. But let us try at home first because you are most likely to fix the issue at home. 

Reset your spectrum router – One of the easiest ways to get rid of the issue, spectrum 5g not showing up

spectrum 5g not showing up

Resetting the router is one of the first things you should try when your spectrum 5G WiFi keeps dropping. Often you will find that the spectrum router not working is the main issue. Most 5GHz connections come with their own compatible router. Most of the compatible routers are from reputable hardware manufacturing companies in the industry. Often, you can switch the GHz in your connection by pressing a button on the router. However, when your router is on and still does not show the spectrum 5G, we must first reset the router. 

How to reset spectrum router?

Every router comes with a reset button. You can press it and wait for it to reset. It may take a few minutes to switch back on and light up. Once it is completely switched on, you can check your mobile, laptop, or any device to check if they detect the 5GHz connection.

This simple step is likely to pass the test most of the time. Sometimes, along with the resetting of your router, you may have to restart your devices as well. 

How do I enable 5G on my spectrum router?

Most routers come with a switch to change the frequency to 5GHz. 

Run a Power Cycle -One of the most effective ways to solve the issue spectrum 5G not showing up!

If you have switched the router to 5GHz frequency after resetting, and spectrum internet keeps dropping, a router might not be your problem. In this case, you must take your router and modem through an entire power cycle. Running a power cycle means unplugging the device and then restart it. It is like a hard reset method. When it comes to the 5GHz network not showing up, you can unplug all the power cables and cords from the rear of your modem and router. Would you please wait a few minutes before plugging them back in?

After a few minutes, you can plug the cables around and restart the modem and router. If spectrum modem not online is the issue, you must still unplug and plug back in to restart the modem. Once you restart the modem and the router, wait for all the lights to come up before looking for your connection. With less signal interference, you should be able to get a high-speed internet connection through this fix most of the time. 

Check if 5GHz WiFi is hidden. 

Sometimes, the most straightforward answer to “why is my 5g not working?” is to check if your 5GHz connection is hidden. You can hide your WiFi connection to add protection and privacy. But hiding your connection will lead to spectrum 5G WiFi not showing up when you want to connect a new device. It might not show up on a lot of devices, even if they were previously connected to the 5GHz connection. 

You can go to Network and Internet Settings in your devices and follow the steps below when 5GHz WiFi not showing up is the issue: 

– When you go to Network and Internet Settings, you will see the WiFi tab

– Once you choose the WiFi tab, you have to select ‘Manage Known Networks 

– Once you go there, click to ass a new network. 

– You must mention the SSID and Name BOC here. 

– Once done, select the security type you want. 

– Enter the WiFi password in the Security Key box. 

– You can select the ‘Connect Automatically’ option if you’d wish to connect to a 5GHz connection whenever you are within the range. 

– You can click ‘Save’ and save the option selected. 

This would give you access to your internet connection if it were hidden before. 

Check the Device Settings 

Sometimes, the problem is not 5.0GHz WiFi not showing up; it is the device. Therefore, if your 5GHz connection does not show up on your device, it is best to check if it does not show up on all the devices or just one. After reviewing with one device, do not conclude that there is an issue with your internet connection.

If your device is the issue that leads to spectrum WiFi 5G network not showing up, you should check your device’s settings. First off, you must check if the WiFi adapters are updated. Then you must check if your device has safety protocols put in place when it comes to new connections. If your device was handed to you by your employer, there is a high chance that the WiFi is now showing because of data protection. Most company devices such as mobile phones and laptops have strict safety measures. This is to protect the device from data leakage. 

Signal Interference 

Why is my spectrum WiFi 5G not showing up? This is a question a lot of 5GHz Internet owners ask. The reason why 5GHz is a better option than 2.4GHz is that it has less interference. However, a lot of devices run on 2.4GHz. But if you are still wondering, ‘Why is 5GHz not showing up?’, you must check if other smart house appliances in your house create interference. 

How do I fix my 5G WiFi spectrum when there is interference? An interference may lead to an optimum 5g not showing up. When you identify that a house appliance or another device is creating an interference, you must change the location of your device. In addition, you can also ensure that your router sits in the center of your house that gives coverage to most parts of the area. 

Change the Preferred Band 

This is another effective solution you can try at home. Using Device Manager, you can change the Preferred Band to 5GHz. It has proven to be a helpful tip to many users for resolving spectrum 5G not showing up. For instance, if you cannot see 5GHz in the list of connections on your laptop, open the Wireless Adapter Properties window. From there, go on to the Advanced tab and click on Preferred Band. It is available in the Properties drop-down list. From the Preferred Bank menu, select Prefer 5.2GHz Band from the Value drop-down list. Before exiting, ensure to save the changes. Once this is completed, you must restart your computer and check if it is resolved. 

Call your Internet Service Provider 

This is your last stop. If nothing else works, you can now contact your internet service provider. Every internet service provider has a 24/7 customer care center. The hotline should be available on your router, modem, or booklet. You must call them and log in with a complaint regarding spectrum 5G not showing up. Some representatives may ask you to reset the router, modem, or any of the other solutions that you may have already tried. Therefore, when they ask you to try those again, ensure to tell the representative that everything has failed. Your internet service provider will then send a technician over to your residence to have a look at the issue and solve the problem. 

The technician may want to take the router or modem to their service center to inspect thoroughly. However, it is also feasible that they may have to replace the router and the modem if there is an unresolvable issue. 

Final thoughts: Spectrum 5G not showing up can be irritating, but you can fix it! 

Spectrum 5G not showing up is one of the most significant issues when it comes to 5GHz connections. While there are many reasons why it may happen, often you can fix them at home. But after trying everything, if you still cannot see your 5GHz connection showing up on your device, the safest step to take is to call your internet service provider. 5GHz WiFi connection is a high-speed, less-interfered connection. It is an excellent option, while 2.4GHz is the commonly used one. But 5GHz can become an irritating issue when it decides not to show up. 

That is when you should start looking into home-based solutions first. It often happens that a simple switch or a restarting button is all it takes to make 5GHz show up again. But you will never find out until you give it a try yourself. You cannot always think that there is a problem with your WiFi connection. The problem can lie on your device as well. The issue may be just the device and its safety protocol. 

Therefore, in cases such as spectrum 5G not showing up, do not jump to conclusions about the connection. First, find out where the problem lies. Start by resetting the router. If that does not work, go and check the modem. In case the router and modem do not solve it, go to your device. If the changes on your devices also do not work, your only hope is your internet service provider. But when you are logging the complaint, explain to them the home-based solutions you have tried. In that way, you can avoid the technician from coming home and repeating the same steps as you did. After all, it can be a straightforward issue that needs a quick fix! 

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